Dr Vinay Jadhav on Pregnancy-related weight gain

Dr Vinay Jadhav on Pregnancy-related weight gain


The Pregnancy Weight Gain- What to Expect?

Pregnancy is a beautiful change that a woman experiences in life. She goes through a journey which leads her to an inexplicable happiness and joy. It is this journey which changes the entire way of life for most women and the weight gain during the pregnancy is a grave concern for many. Through this article, we try to explain why and how women gain weight during pregnancy. It is very necessary for women to understand that the weight gain during pregnancy is completely normal and it shouldn’t keep them from eating good food fearing a bad figure or weight gain issues.

Dr Vinay Jadhav believes that most women are unaware of the changes that the female body goes through during pregnancy. Dr Vinay Jadhav is not talking about the visible changes but the internal changes that take place inside the body to adapt to the raising of a foetus in the body. The happiness involved in the pregnancy is so huge that people tend to ignore the important aspects that need to be considered for the woman to remain healthy. Dr Vinay Jadhav suggests that every woman who is expecting a baby should consult a qualified obstetrician in-time and should follow his/her directions keenly. Prenatal care is very important and it should not be done believing blindly in set traditions or ways but should be done with proper medical attention.

Dr Vinay Jadhav elaborates the main reasons for the weight gain in women during pregnancy are-

1. The weight of the baby
According to Dr Vinay Jadhav, the weight of the growing foetus contributes to the total weight of a woman. As the growth of the baby occurs over the period of the pregnancy, this contribution varies. An estimated 8 pounds can be attributed to the weight of the baby.

2. The weight of the placenta
Dr Vinay Jadhav explains that placenta is the organ which connects the growing foetus with the uterine wall of the mother. Through this tube like organ, the intake of nutrition, the excretion of waste, production of necessary hormones for the mother during the pregnancy, gaseous exchange for the foetus and infection prevention is facilitated. The placenta generally weighs between 1-2 pounds and thus contributes to the weight of the female.

3. Amniotic Fluid
The amniotic fluid is present in the amniotic sac of the female and is typically a liquid substance which only contains electrolytes but between the 12th-14thmonth it also contains proteins, carbohydrates, lipids etc which contribute to the growth of the foetus. The weight of the amniotic fluid varies throughout the pregnancy and ranges in between 400-800 ml.

4. The growth of the breast tissues
During and after the pregnancy, to facilitate the lactation of the infant, female breast tissues attain a fuller and denser form. This form facilitates production of milk and retains the heat in the body for the same. This also contributes to upper body weight of the female.

5. Uterine Growth
The female undergoes uterine growth which accounts for over 2-5 pounds of weight gain over the pregnancy. All the above mentioned weight gain reasons are biological and account for an all over weight gain of 35 pounds which is equal to approximately 15.5 Kg. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav this weight gain in unavoidable to an extent. This weight gain is normal but may vary depending on the body structure of females classified as underweight, overweight and normal women.

According to Dr Vinay Jadhav, some of the other reasons which should be accounted in the weight gain of women during pregnancy are:

1. Force feeding- Dr Vinay Jadhav says that most women are force fed during pregnancy by family member. This is usually done in the hope of increasing the chances of having a healthy baby but many don’t understand that it can actually bother the baby and the mother.

2. Cravings- Dr Vinay Jadhav states that as women experience inexplicable cravings to eat things constantly, it may also contribute to weight gain. Though it is not necessary that this may happen.

3.Fat storage- There is often a saying that ‘an expecting mother should eat for two’. According to Dr Vinay Jadhav this implies that a pregnant woman eats more than essential. However, the excessive calories are assimilated in the mother’s body in the form of fats which will again cause weight gain.

Dr Vinay Jadhav stresses on the fact that a pregnant woman should take critical care of her own health during her pregnancy. She should consult a good obstetrician and maintain her weight during the gestation period. Adverse weight conditions may affect the infant in the future with health conditions like obesity, diabetes and cardio vascular disease. Dr Vinay Jadhav thinks it is very important to monitor the rate of weight gain during the pregnancy so that the growth of the foetus is appropriate.

Dr Vinay Jadhavbrings to attention of pregnant women who are force fed, have a tendency to gain weight or are obese that the goal of monitoring weight gain is to have a healthy baby. This weight gain is very crucial for the overall growth of the foetus. Dr Vinay Jadhav points out that not paying attention to the weight gain may result in the morbidity or even mortality of the foetus during pregnancy.

Dr Vinay Jadhavsuggests that every pregnant woman or a woman who wishes to be a mother should address her weight issues before her pregnancy. A proper consultation is necessary to analyse or diagnose any weight related issues. Any dietary or physical factors contributing to the weight gain should be taken care of beforehand so that the pregnancy stage is healthy and can be happily experienced by a woman.

Furthermore, Dr Vinay Jadhav says that the weight gain that happens during the pregnancy should not worry women. It is a change in the body so that it supports the baby. The extra pounds can be made to disappear if proper steps are taken.

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*Disclaimer- This article is intended for informative purposes only. The views expressed in this article are the personal views of Dr Vinay Jadhav. Please consult a doctor before embarking on a weight loss program.